Hull #289 - Unnamed

Quick Facts

Sailboat History

October, 2018 – Thomas purchased the boat and began restoration.  The boat originally came from New Jersey.

Owner Comments

May 24, 2020 – I [replaced] my two larger portholes using Beckson opening ports. I didn’t like the asymmetrical look. I just replaced my two scuppers in the cockpit with larger Spartan ones and criss-crossed the drain tubing in an effort to see if it will keep water out of the cockpit floor. I [also] enclose[d] the rudder post like Cape dory does. I’m hoping this will prevent a bilge full of water.

Cockpit drain arrrangement.


May 23, 2020 – I’ve never taken so long to rehab a sailboat. But I’m back on track. The decks are completed. End grain balsa removed on foredeck, new solid mahogany salon floor lowered 1/2 “, all new AC/DC wiring( no more wire nuts or house wire). Everything re needed with backing plates added or fiberglassed in place. Maybe 80 more hours…..then home free.

Cabin sole supports being installed.


October, 2018 – I think overall it is a good boat. Some things built a lot better than a Cape dory ( I’ve had 3 of these) and some things not as well. The interior needs new sole. I’m going to use marine plywood for base then 1/2 mahogany. New wiring, paint and some kind of boat carpet/ hull liner . I have started taking everything off that can come off on topside. Thanks for your interest and setting this site up.


March, 2019 – Still on reglassing the foredeck. A lot of rotten end grain balsa from years of water intrusion. I’m cutting out the salon floor secondary to delamination. I’m replacing with 2 ×6 stringers fiberglassed to hull/keel then running solid mahogany 3/4″ planks. I changed out small cockpit scupper drains and replaced with larger spartan marine scupper.

I’ve never spent so much time on soft decks. I think the Bristol is a great boat but having worked on 3 Cape Dories, I think the latter is a better built boat. I’m hoping to move on completing this project soon.

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