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My wife and I really really enjoy our B27 ….. and enjoy the words of admiration from “dock walkers” etc. that appreciate John Albergs “art” …. our little “pocket cruiser”.

The B27 enjoys a special place in the world of sailboats. It’s size allows it to be tailored (legally without special permits!) (and it can winter over in my backyard…safe from winter storms, snow, vandals etc), it can fit into the smaller slips and costs less when in port, it is easily single handed, it maneuvers into tight marinas more easily, ….well, there are many advantages to a smaller boat. Yet it is a sturdy and sea worthy craft.

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  1. I have heard it has a “slight” weather helm. My first keelboat was a Columbia Challenger, and its “weather” helm was a trip to the gym. Every time I went sailing I would come back speaking German with a Kalifornia accent.

    Submitted by: Timothy on May 8, 2018 at 4:46 pm


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