Hull #241 - Sierra Rae

Quick Facts

Sailboat History

Originally Craig purchased this sailboat in Ft. Lauderdale, FL and changed the boat’s name from Tiki to Selah.  Craig sailed the boat in Panama City, Florida prior to selling the boat to a person in Kansas City.

The third owner was Jim Unruh in Kansas, whose family of four children and my wife, sailed her on Perry Lake in Kansas during the 1990′s as the, “Jana Lynn.”

Eventually, the boat was purchased by Robert who renamed the boat “Sierra Rae” and is still owned by Robert today.

Owner Comments

Just got a Bristol 27, Hull #241, was told she was built in 1969.  She is the cruiser model and believe it or not, a lot is still original.  I named her “Sierra Rae”.  The images show when I first saw her and a few with the hull and bottom recently done by me in red and black.

I’ll send along additional pictures as I make alterations and refit.  That will be my next project along with redoing a few soft spots in the deck.

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