Heater Area Construction Complete

I’ve completed construction of the area that will contain the heater.  This area also serves as the entry way to the v-berth as well as the area to rest ones feet while using the head.  If you’re interested in learning more about this area, head over to the “Heater” projects area.

Modified on May 6th, 2013



Project Logs December 28, 2011 This project page is dedicated to showing the various fasteners used on the project.  I will update this page periodically when I use fasteners that may be of interest to those rebuilding a boat. Research Mast & Standing Rigging Rivets, machine screws, self-tapping machine screws and self-tapping metal screws are […]

Modified on May 6th, 2013

Everything Else


Project Logs October 18, 2011 I put the final coat of epoxy on the head compartment locker face this weekend.  Now, I will migrate my work to the exterior of the boat where I first will install the cockpit, followed by other “deck projects”. September 24, 2011 The head compartment is a nickname I gave […]

Modified on February 24th, 2014


Chain Locker Construction Complete

Over the past weekend I’ve completed construction of the chain locker.  Head over to the Deck Locker section to see images, questions and more!

Modified on May 6th, 2013


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