Construction Update

Happy to report that the duplex remodel described in this post is complete.  In a short time, I’ll be able to turn more attention back to boat construction.

There’s still a lot of boat work to do and even with a huge task list, I know the boat has never been closer to being in the water.  Here’s a few images that try and encapsulate the status of the boat project as of today:

Overview of the exterior of the boat, looking aft. You can also see the boat shed covering the boat and work area.

Exterior view looking forward and showing sidedecks and cockpit.

Looking down from the cockpit, through the companionway and into the saloon area.

Looking forward through the saloon and into the v-berth

Looking aft, through the saloon and at the galley and nav-station areas.

Image of the cockpit from looking through the companionway. The motor well is all ready for a motor!

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