Bristol27.com is a project site that catalogs rebuilding a classic fiberglass sailboat in preparation for circumnavigation. The goal of this site is to share knowledge gained during the process, so that others may successfully complete similar projects.  All repairs are researched and carefully considered.  The entire project (and life!) is a learning process.
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It's good to be in touch.  E-mail me, Andrew Van Dyk, at andrew@bristol27.com
Reader Submitted Content

Readers of this site are encouraged to use the comment section. Any questions posted in the comments section will be addressed as soon as possible.

Reader's that own a Bristol 27 should submit information about their boat to the contact e-mail above. Any information sent will be posted, but ideally the following information would be provided:

+  Photos - Images of your sailboat will really help to inform others and transmit ideas. Share any images you have and if there are a lot, I can arrange easy methods for transmitting those.

+  Quick Facts - If you're able to send anything at all, this would be the key information I'm really looking for. That data includes:

-- Model -- Year Built (E-mail me for information on finding the year built) -- Hull Number (E-mail me for information on finding the hull #) -- Vessel Name -- Owner Name(s) (optional) -- Email (only if you want others to be able to contact you) -- Hailing Port

+  Sailboat History - Any known history behind the boat.

+  Owner Comments - Boat features, qualities, quirks, tendencies, notable voyages, etc.

+  Owner Projects - Description or write-up of any projects completed to improve the boat.

All the above information will be added into a webpage specifically dedicated to your sailboat.  Here's a link to an example page - http://www.bristol27.com/bristol-specific/hull82-viking-too
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