Hull #050 - Vida

Quick Facts

Sailboat History

6/21/24 – My title and registration say that this is a 1965 Bristol 27. Strange because I thought they started building them in 1966. The only hull number is 050.

Bristol 27 Vida, in the yard for some repairs while cruising.


Owner Comments

6/9/24 – I have a Yanmar 2GM20 In my Bristol 27.  My hailing port is usually Olympia but am sailing along the British Columbia coast at the present. So the inside has a lot of liveaboard clutter.


6/11/24 – I really like how my B27 sails. I have wanted an Alberg design for a long time. The cutaway fore foot gives it that nice maneuverability and the long keel gives it the directional stability that I like. I feel safe in this little boat. I solo sail so the simple accommodations are just perfect. Being 5’ 10” I have plenty of headroom in the salon/saloon. I rest comfortably on the starboard settee.  I’m anchored at Growler Cove off Johnstone Straight as I write this. It’s about 50 degrees with some rain of course.


6/21/24 – I had to empty the fuel tank and move it to a cockpit locker and then slide it back as far as it would go. I am 5’9” and weigh about 180 pounds with a 32-33” waist, Ss I was able to climb in through the cockpit locker and do all the work after I moved the fuel tank. Anyone larger than that and there’s no way to get to the shaft coupling and stuffing box.

I decided on a new PSS dripless seal by PYI in Washington state. If installed properly they need no maintenance for quite a while. The last boat bought had the same shaft seal which had not been serviced for over 20 years and it was still in good working condition.

After replacing the cutless bearing, I put the new shaft seal in place and aligned the engine. Then put the fuel tank back in place. I’m going back in the water today and don’t expect any problems. We shall see!

I did notice while the boat was out of the water that it needs some help on the rudder. It still in good shape right now and I will make that a winter project. It’s wooden so I will either fiberglass over the wood or try to make a new one. It has a bronze rudder shaft.


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