Hull #289 - Stella Maris

Quick Facts

Sailboat History

October, 2018 – Thomas purchased the boat and began restoration.  The boat originally came from New Jersey.

Owner Comments

October 16, 2020 – I added CDI furling . Last item is v berth cushions.

We are fortunate enough to sail year round. It sails perfect. Well balanced. Comparing a 25 cape dory and a 31 foot cape dory to Bristol, I think the Bristol 27 sails a bit better. I’m still a cape dory fan. As I mentioned earlier and still believe, the construction of the Cape dory is better.

[Thomas sent some images of the boat after the overhaul and they show the tremendous improvements from when this boat started.  Here’s a few photo highlights:]

Stella Maris at the Dock, looking forward.


Stella Maris at the Dock, looking aft.


Notice the Bristol 27 Logo in the locker door? That’s just one example of the nice detail work throughout. Start from the early images in the photo gallery (above) and walk through to the most recent images to see the big improvements offered by the overhaul.


May 24, 2020 – I [replaced] my two larger portholes using Beckson opening ports. I didn’t like the asymmetrical look. I just replaced my two scuppers in the cockpit with larger Spartan ones and criss-crossed the drain tubing in an effort to see if it will keep water out of the cockpit floor. I [also] enclose[d] the rudder post like Cape dory does. I’m hoping this will prevent a bilge full of water.

Cockpit drain arrrangement.


May 23, 2020 – I’ve never taken so long to rehab a sailboat. But I’m back on track. The decks are completed. End grain balsa removed on foredeck, new solid mahogany salon floor lowered 1/2 “, all new AC/DC wiring( no more wire nuts or house wire). Everything re needed with backing plates added or fiberglassed in place. Maybe 80 more hours…..then home free.

Cabin sole supports being installed.


October, 2018 – I think overall it is a good boat. Some things built a lot better than a Cape dory ( I’ve had 3 of these) and some things not as well. The interior needs new sole. I’m going to use marine plywood for base then 1/2 mahogany. New wiring, paint and some kind of boat carpet/ hull liner . I have started taking everything off that can come off on topside. Thanks for your interest and setting this site up.


March, 2019 – Still on reglassing the foredeck. A lot of rotten end grain balsa from years of water intrusion. I’m cutting out the salon floor secondary to delamination. I’m replacing with 2 ×6 stringers fiberglassed to hull/keel then running solid mahogany 3/4″ planks. I changed out small cockpit scupper drains and replaced with larger spartan marine scupper.

I’ve never spent so much time on soft decks. I think the Bristol is a great boat but having worked on 3 Cape Dories, I think the latter is a better built boat. I’m hoping to move on completing this project soon.

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