Hull #300 - Sweet Christine

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September 4, 2020 – I just bought a Bristol 27 in MA.  I found the HIN in two places: behind the elect panel and engraved on the starboard side of the transom. The HIN matches with the registration paperwork and reads “MSZ00693G292”. 

The HIN says it’s a 1992 Massachusetts Homemade Boat (z) and registered in MA (ms), but it looks soo much like a true Bristol 27 boat from web pics, it’s hard to believe it was handmade. I have compared pictures and my interior does look very much like the cruising model with the raised icebox.  To add to the mystery, it has a BY26 sail! 

Since it doesn’t have a Bristol HIN, was this boat made by hand? Any help much appreciated.  This has become a detective mission for me, which I wish that I didn’t have to do! …much rather be sailing 🙂


September 8, 2020 – The more I look at the boat I realize the craftsmanship was too good to say the boat is homemade. I found on the MA gov website ( that all homemade boats and older boats prior to 1972 must have a 12 alphanumeric assigned MA HIN. So at some point the HIN was assigned by the state of MA.  I’d love to find the original Bristol HIN and when I unwrap the boat, I will then inspect the transom for more info. If you have heard from other Bristol owner’s as the location where to look for the original HIN, please forward.  


September 17, 2020 – I had the Bristol Yacht plate in the cockpit but I never noticed that it had the hull number in the middle of the plate as it was very faded, but as you can see it’s 300.



Owner Comments

September 8, 2020 – If anyone has some sails for sale, let me know. The boat has an outboard motor well.


September 17, 2020 – We are renaming the boat as ” Sweet Christine” in the spring with the new title and registration. We will have the ceremony to appease Poseidon and other Gods of the sea, lol 

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