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My family and I (but especially me) are fanatics about Melody, our 1966 Bristol 27.  We are the third owners, having purchased her from my uncle about 15 years ago.  She is the daysailer model, with extended cockpit and outboard well.  I never use an outboard, however, and keep a plug in the well to provide a smooth sailing surface and reduce drag.  She has won a lot of races in her day, and still consistently wins when I can keep the race committees from messing with her 90.7 handicap.

One of these days we’re going to take off the 50+ layers of bottom paint and get her back to a smooth finish.  And I don’t want to admit what a mess her interior is.  We live in such a wonderful place on Casco Bay in Maine that we have no desire to take her cruising, so below decks is seriously neglected.  This year we finally purchased new sails, which worked wonders on her ability to point up and helped balance her weather helm.


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