Hull #054 - Moxie

Quick Facts

Sailboat History

The Original owner lived aboard somewhere in New York for unknown length of time. 2nd owner purchased boat and sailed to Annapolis. This boat was sailed extensively on the Chesapeake Bay with occasional cruises from Maine to Florida and one trip to Bermuda (took him 8 days to get there). This is the person that built out the main cabin and added the Mast lowering system, Bow and Stern rails and life lines. He also added the Hasler SP-3 Wind Vane but never got to really put it to a real test. His age finally caught up to him and he sold the boat to a European who, with his family ,spent a summer cruising the Chesapeake. He only had the boat that one summer and I bought it on his return to Europe three years ago.

I have since been sailing on the Lower Chesapeake and Hampton Roads area and attempting to undo some of the less than admirable modifications done by the last owner. (there was a lot of tinkering with the electrical system to the point that it will be easier to completely rewire the boat than effect repairs!)

Owner Comments

January, 2014 – Seahood

I did not design [the seahood]. It was on the boat when I got it. I removed it when I painted the deck. Mine is easily removed, only about a dozen sheet metal screws. Make yours easily removable. Debris will collect under it and should you ever need to remove the sliding hatch the sea hood must be removed. My sea hood had some foam weather stripping along the sides but the part lapping over the transition was “open” to allow for drainage. My hood was placed far enough forward to fully open the hatch (I think). If there was any loss of space it was only about an inch. No problem getting in or out.

I [removed the seahood this winter].  not reinstalled the sea hood yet. It’s still sitting in my garage. [To help with your seahood planning, here are some measurements:]

Below is a drawn image of the seahood:

Sea Hood 001


August 7, 2012 – Tabernacle

Below is information related to the tabernacle mast installed on Moxie:

August 8, 2011

While these boats are considered slow by today’s standards I frequently overtake and pass boats that should, by all accounts, be sailing circles around me. I would like to think that is due to my superior sailing skills however, I know my skill level so most of the credit goes to the boat! Sail inventory includes 2 Mains, working jib, Yankee, Genoa and huge drifter with the Yankee being my favourite as it provides good leeward visibility.

Accommodation below can be somewhat cramped and I often wish I had more room below but 98% of the sailing I do is single handed so in all honesty I do not need additional space. Because this is a narrow boat and I do mostly single handing I sometimes have trouble seeing the luff of the headsail while trimming. Since I do not race this is generally not an issue, just a minor annoyance.The Hasler SP-3 wind vane does a remarkable job with the wind fwd of the beam. Off wind I have to reduce the main to hold course. This is probably a sail trim/combination issue. With wind vanes the CE should be as far forward as possible. Vanes like to be “pulled” rather than “pushed”.

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