Canvas Work Begins


Traditionally, the first ‘learning’ project for a sewing sailor is the ditty bag.  This project is now complete.  The bag was designed to stow sewing supplies.  It’s a little fancier than a traditional ditty bag, as a decorative liner and inner pockets were added.  Specific steps and process will be detailed in the ‘Canvas Work‘ at a later time.

With the ditty bag complete, future projects will gradually increase in complexity.  New and more complex projects also require additional construction to be completed prior to project initialization, so their completion timing is a little up-in-the-air.   That said, below is the list of canvas work projects to come:

  1. Ditty Bag [complete!]
  2. Sail Ties
  3. Winch Covers
  4. Fender Covers
  5. Sail Bags (possibly including mainsail, jib, genoa, spinnaker, storm sail)
  6. Mainsail Cover
  7. Mosquito Nets (including companionway, forward hatch)
  8. Curtains (including portlights, possibly chain locker door)
  9. Jackline
  10. Lee Clothes
  11. Cushions (including settee, special triangle cushions (w/ stowage tube), v-berth, cockpit)
  12. Pillows (including throw, possibly round sleeping/arm rest)
  13. Wind Scoop (including anchorage & storm versions)
  14. Sails
  15. Dodger
  16. Cockpit Awning
  17. Bimini
  18. Bimini Side Curtains (including mosquito nets)
  19. Full Deck Awning (including mosquito nets)
  20. Hammocks (2)
  21. Robe
  22. Foul Weather Gear
  23. Bosuns chair
  24. Exposure canopy for dinghy
  25. Drogue


A Sailrite Ultrafeed LSZ-1 sewing machine was purchased to complete the canvas work.  Below is an image of the machine:


The Sailrite machine was chosen after some research.  The final choice was between Reliable’s  Barracuda 2000U-33 and the Sailrite LSZ-1.  The Barracuda boasts many of the same features, but after reading reviews and forums, the Sailrite LSZ-1 came out the winner.

Sailrite’s LSZ-1’s key features include:


Besides the machine itself, a number of other sewing tools are on hand.  All of the tools have a place in the new ditty bag.  Below is an image of these sewing tools:


The items in the photo above are:

The sewing machine and materials for this project can all be sourced from Sailrite –


Besides canvas work, the project is at a point where the items that will be installed in the boat need to be on hand.  This way, their dimensions and placement can be finalized, thereby allowing construction to commence in the surrounding areas.  As such, this late fall and winter are being dedicated to additional research, planning and documentation.


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