Design Changes & More Research

About a year and a half ago, I completed a multi-month research phase to try to nail down all my final design decisions and allow full focus on construction.  In March, 2012, I was about to take action on final interior construction, however before I did so, I began to review all my notes a full overview.  The overview was a way to insure that my feelings about my decisions still made sense.  During the review, I began to play with the idea of removing the heater and engine to create a more livable interior.  As I pondered, entirely new avenues of cabin design and general simplification of many systems in opened in front of me.  If there was any time to make changes, now was that time.

So, since March I’ve embarked on another research phase to finalize how the interior, and boat itself will come together.  Here are some key changes:

These changes will require demolishing some already completed work, and though this pains me, I believe the design improvements and reduced costs are worth the trade off in lost time and money.  I will be posting a very large update to the site with all my new research, questions and so on.  This update will cover, in depth, all the changes that were made and why.  For now, while I complete this new research phase, here’s an incomplete list of pro, con and mixed reactions to this new design:




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