Antennas – High Frequency Single Side Band (HF-SSB)
Communications Receiver
HAM Radio
    1. The transmitter, if desired, can be operated at a higher power than marine-band transmitters, and has at least as long a range.
    2. A sailing ham can make telephone calls by “patching into” shore ham stations, thereby bypassing crowded marine telephone stations (by law, the call cannot be used for business and other specified purposes).
    3. A ham installation is less expensive than marine SSB installation.
    4. It is very versatile; the latest generation of ham radio transceivers can function as high-quality, general-coverage communications receivers, thereby serving many of the purposes served by the other instruments that we have already mentioned.
High Frequency Single Side Band (HF-SSB)
Very-High-Frequency Frequency Modulation (VHF-FM)


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