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July 14, 2011

For the past two years, all the spars have been sitting outside of the boat shed awating some attention.  That attention was paid to them a couple weekends ago, my Dad (Paul), who was able to strip both spars (mast & boom) of all their hardware. He also removed a considerable amount of foam that was placed in the mast to stop the wires from rattling.  Considering the magnitude of this rebuild, I’ll definitely be replacing all the hardware with new, but it’s still nice to get a good catalog for what hardware was installed and to start fresh with a fully stripped down and ready for sanding work spars.


Chainplate & Tangs
Clevis Pins, Toggles & Turnbuckles
Cotter Pins
Downwind & Reaching Poles
Mast Step
Rig Type
Rig Type – Cutter
Rig Type – Sloop
Rig Type – Scutter
Shrouds & Stays
    1. Shroud Lines or cables which give lateral stability to the mast.
    2. Spreaders – Horizontal spars which spread the shrouds from the mast.
    3. Headstay – A line or cable which supports the mast from the bow of the boat. If the line does not reach the top of the mast then it is also called a forstay.
    4. Backstay – A line or cable which supports the mast from the stern of the boat.
    5. Boom Topping Lift – A line which extends from the boom to the mast. Supports the boom when the mainsail is taken down..



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